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Astra SC Dyno : more is possible ?

Discussion in 'Supercharger' started by Marty64, December 1, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys !

    The new owner of my Astra SC has passed a dyno and result is this map:

    Marty-Astra G Supercharged-Courbe Puissance.
    We hope for more than 216hp !?

    What do you think about this result, my ex-astra setup was:

    Eaton M62 with 3.1" pulley
    LSJ green injectors (410cc)
    LSJ T/B (68mm)
    CS Phenolic spacer
    Dual pass mod
    OBDT software
    TMAP Sensor 2.5 bar
    OEM fuel pump with OEM fuel pressure (3.8 bar)
    2.5" DBILAS 4-1 manifold
    2.5" DBILAS downpipe w/ 200 cells cat
    2.5" DBILAS exhaust

    IAT2 were between 36° to 50°C after 5 pulls with 16°C ambient temp.

    I seen same setup reaching 250hp and more, WTF ?
    What to do to reach the goal of 250 ? ignition advance setup, 2.8" pulley ... ?
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  2. When evocarlos done my install I made the following on dyno


    At the time it had standard exhaust, dual pass mod, 3.0 pulley and vxr injectors. So I would expect your old astra to hit at least 230bhp with the exhaust upgrades its got. Just a testament to the evocarlos install and considering he done it in 2 days and it was on the dyno the day after he done it.

    Since then I've added a full 2.5" exhaust system from the manifold back with a 200 cell sport cat so I could be pushing slightly more bhp now.

    Could it be it needs mapping to gain more performance??
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  3. What boost did it make?
  4. 216whp would be around 250bhp which imo with a 250N + for 60% of the graph sounds more like it
  5. Those figures are in hp evocarlos by the looks of it (216.5hp, 228.8hp, 200.9hp) unless your referring to the very last figure which was 261N.
  6. 13 PSI is max boost

    216hp is corrected engine power
    200.9whp is Wheel power
    228.8bhp is measured engine power

    I don't know what mean "corrected power"
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  7. Not much help but


    How much does he know the RR place? Was there other cars making the power on the day? rather questioning the car I would consider the RR. We have seen it so many time before.
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  8. yes but i could not see if it were bhp or whp it could be either if it were 216whp then it would be about right if it were 216bhp then there's som tin wong
    209whp i get to around 233bhp in the guesstimation chart

    simons right without putting it on a dynojet set up the same with a 10% load then your never going to beable to compare to a car that has been
    here my original z22se with a 3.1
    img060 (Medium).
    my specs for the above graph..
    low milage Eaton M62 with 3.1" pulley (17miles when fitted)
    z20let injectors
    LSJ T/B (68mm)
    CS Phenolic spacer
    Dual pass mod
    klassen/CS software
    MAP Sensor 2bar
    OEM fuel pump with OEM fuel pressure (3.0 bar)(4.4bar under boost)
    standard manifold
    2.5" custom downpipe (no cat)
    2 1/4" exhaust
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  9. mine had a similar set up to carls when first mapped only I had a lightly ported head, dbilas manifold, 200cpi cat and 2.5" manifold back system.
    they let of the throttle at 283bhp but she was still climbing! standard internals at the time so they restricted it back to 260bhp until I built a new bottom end.
    first power run supercharged. first power run supercharged.

    I would think either your mapping is poor or the engine is in poor health?
  10. it could just be the dyno that was used is s**t :)
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  11. Yes i think RR was S**t. An ASTRA 2.0 T stage 1 pasted the same RR same day and it indicate 193hp, this is the standard for an 2.0 T. Surely a bad software. Missing 20hp or more.
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  12. z20let astra g is 198bhp? and one with a good map exhaust and air filter mods would see over 250bhp.
    sounds like the rollers are bad. go to a known good company to be safe and see how your car is running.