Astra mk4 z22yh instead of z22se

Hello . I read that i can use the z22yh engine with my astra mk4 originaly powered with z22se,and only replace the crank,or use external trigger wheel . Is this the only change required? Will the fuel system in my car and the injectors, and the manifolds, fit this engine?
Can i use the z22yh as is?
thanks, have a good day,nir
#3 a combination of z22se head plus lower half from a z22yh,with 5-2 external trigger wheel is a good match,or just stick with the z22se as is.the compression ratio is higher at the z22yh.will the valves of the z22se be ok with it? Will more hp will be gain ?


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It is getting harder for ne to find a good z22se .the z22yh has oil jets,stronger internals,and higher CR
Interesting. I'm not that big on Vauxhalls I have to admit. I'm a ford man myself. I enjoy driving the Astra z22se but i don't get excited or the urge to just go for a drive.i got the Astra as a stop gap because my subaru was gonna get me in trouble speeding lol.i have been tempted to tidy it up and garage it with the z22se getting a rare engine. Than my other thought was to modify collecting parts at the minute not sure what to do with the car.


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To be honest id rather have a z22se over a z22yh - they are more reliable - the heads keep cleaner cause they not direct injected and all things being equal will last longer. If u raise the comp ratio u get most most of the power and torque that a z22yh has anyway. Suitably modded the mk4 astra with z22se is a blast to drive.........a great little car to throw around...
Nice. Ive always liked the smoked head lights on silver paint. Yeah so much fun to drive - mine had a ported throttle body, panel filter and de-restricted intake. Thats all it really needed to give instant throttle response - i loved its ability to plug all the traffic gaps lol