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Astra H - interior ambient LED in driver's door handle recess

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Legoman, August 12, 2017.

  1. I only just recently noticed by accident there are little orange LED illumination ambient lights inside the alcoves for the front door handles. The one in my driver's door has ceased working but the passenger door one is fine. My experience of LED lighting is that they don't generally fail like incandescent globes do, or if they do fail, then it's after so many hours and such a long time that they generally outlast everything else they're mounted in.

    Without removing the entire door trim for just this one and only problem with the driver's door, does anyone have any theories as to what might have happened to stop my ambient light LED from working? Are there any known issues with these lights such as cable fretting, breaking mountings, dodgy connections/corrosion that I could perhaps start looking for before I strip the entire door trim, probably breaking all the fastenings in doing so and creating a bigger problem than the one I'm trying to solve?

    If the LEDs themselves are of an unusually poor quality and known to fail, then what is the part number for one for the driver's (RHD) door? The only place I can find what they look like are at 3:05 in this youtube video.
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