astra h GID display, need some assistance.

hello , to everyone on the website im a new member here in your website hope to be a good one . im lately bought an astra h GID display + and a ccrt 700 philips radio i wanted to install this system on an astra g 2001 saloon i modified its display connector to be ( 32 pin connector - gray ) . ( the problem that i wanted the pinout of the - astra h GID - to compare it with my wires connection on the astra g / no.2 i tried to test the screen on the gray connector without any radio just the plug it has a blue input by the way it never starts or illuminate and this is a problem too. i suspect it to be that it needs me to connect the ccrt700 which i didnt connect it yet as i recently bought it and looking for the 26 pin to 36 pin wiring plug , so im sorry once again but i needed to clarify from you ( if you could supply me the pinout of the astra h GID / what you think about the display that never starts ) hope to benefit from the members experience in this forum and thanks for all ,wish to receive your replies soon.