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Astra H Front Brake Replacement (version 1.0) - Brake Linings – Front Wheel Brake, Remove and Install


1. Detach 2x front wheel
2. Remove brake lining sensor (1) from inner brake lining if fitted.
3. Lever retaining spring (2) out of brake calliper with screwdriver and remove.
4. Remove dust caps (3) from protective sleeves for guide bolts (4).

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5. Unscrew guide bolts for brake calliper
6. Remove brake calliper from brake carrier
7. Remove outer brake lining (2) from brake calliper
8. Withdraw inner brake lining (1) with retaining clamp...
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I priced up disks and pads from Courtenay Sport this morning and I'm looking at £230 for brembo OE disks and mintex pads :-s


Is that all round matt? That seems very expensive to me! I replaced my rear discs with brembo oe style ones for £30 brand new on eBay and mintex pads for £18. Very cheap compared to vauxhalls £112! May be worth sourcing the parts seperatley. Have you heard of mtec discs? May be worth having a look at these
Nope, that is just for the fronts!!

and from mtec - £135.17 just for the front disks


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i like there black discs shame they don't do proper brake discs i mean just normal and flat no holes or brake pad eater groves :)


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Yeah I'm going to eventually get a set of the black edition for the front dimpled and grooved with some green stuff pads. Apparently all mtec do is buy in the discs in oe form and then drill/ groove etc them selves.

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I have the drilled and grooved mtecs and mintex pads up front on mine and they work well! Better than the standard setup, only 20 miles on them...

Coming off soon though for something else, so they will be for sale :)


Need to wait until pay day, and I'll be ordering a set from them. How hard is it to replace the rear discs and pads on the Astra? I've only ever done front ones before.


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pads not so easy as you have to wind the pots in discs are easy disconnect the hand brake cable and unclip from carrier remove the 2 carrier bolts then the screw holding the disc then rinse repeat
pads are 13mm and 17mm (thin spanner) remove the 2 bolts holding the caliper the go to halford and pay thru the nose for the caliper rewind tool
clean and copper grease the runners on the carrier then fit new pads pop caliper back on use the new bolts in the sliding pins reconnect handbrake cable