Astra G Traction Control (TC) error C0244-4


Hello everybody.

I have an Opel Astra G Bertone Coupé with X18XE1 engine. There is some problem with Traction Control. When I turn on ignition, the TC ligth isn't turning off, it's continuosly lighting (ABS light goes off).
The fault code is C0244-4 Engine Torque Input No Signal - Present.
- I can clear the code, the program says there is no DTC present, but when I quit from ABS/TC, the error code is instantly there again.
- I checked the two sensors at the two front wheel, they're ok.
- I checked the cable cord between ECU <--> ABS block, it is ok.
- ABS works fine, and its light is going off after some seconds when I turn on ignition, so it is OK.
(- I changed Air Flow Meter too, nothing happened.)
- ECU doesn't store any error code, there is only one error code, in ABS/TC (C0244-4).
- The car runs good, there is no any power loss.

What can be the problem? What should I check? I have no more idea. I already went to car electrician, but he can't help. He says ECU get wrong tourqe singal and turns off the TC. (But don't need to start engine, to get the error.)

Sometimes, when I am not starting the car for days, then at the first starting, TC light goes out with the ABS light, but after some seconds TC light coming back.
And I didin't need to turn on engine, the engine torque input no signal error comes back with engine on and off too.

Can anybody help me? Thank you!