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Astra g drivers side drive shaft length

Discussion in 'Transmission/Brakes' started by dewismotorsport, March 8, 2018.

  1. Does anyone know the length of the drivers side driveshaft? As I’m building up a spare with new joints but my spares cupboard has loads of random short shafts and like a idiot I didn’t mark all of them up when putting them in there :banghead:

    Need to know the bare shafts length.
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  2. normal full length shaft ? ive got one in the garage i guess i could mesure

    but with the half shaft its hollow one ? im sure at some point i mixed mine up and it ended up being the hollow one

    I’m after the naked length of a shorter shaft please
  4. will have a gander in the light tomorrow and see if i have one about im sure there will be as mines on the LEH shaft
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  5. Still after the PASSENGER side shaft length without cv’s if anyone can help?
  6. i did have a look but all i found was a z20let half shaft i seem to have misplaced it
  7. No worries thanks anyway mate (y)
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  8. will let you know if i find it tho :)
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  9. Just checked the drawing...
    Passenger side 368mm ident MJ
    Driver side 734.5mm ident MK
    Shaft only, z22se f23 versions.

    Hope that helps
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  10. That’s awesome cheers (y)