Astra G door cards [squeaks]


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i am getting tired of the rattles and squeaks from the interior of the car lol

firstly found the seatbelt vibrating against my centre armrest - took a week to find rofl

secondly fricking passenger side door card squeaking on bass vibration and noticed damaged plastic ford clips that hold the card on
thirdly the driverside started doing next to the speaker

also noticed slight air leak from pollen filter flap that has warped over time

any suggestions on the door cards or is it a simple case of replacing plastic clips


I'd start by replacing the plastic clips Mike. It could also be worth while putting a little sticky foam around the edges while to door card is off. I've spent the last 7 years chasing rattles in Vauxhalls (n)


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Old post but do I just pull it off. I got spare clips if any snap. I had a tug earlier but dontcwant to pull to hard incase anything is connected
the rears will need the back seat rest removing
the fronts have 3 screws at the bottom and 4 in the handle maybe 5 then the top trim that buts to the glass