Astra G & Diesel nailing sound,timing chain,imprints on piston,damage?

Hello from Germany,
I am the newbie of your Z22SE-forum and I hope you’ll welcome me with my first issue. My English is not the best especially the technicel language. I hope you don’t mind. Sorry in advance for wrong grammar etc.
Ok here it comes…
Since July 2019 I drive a German Opel Astra G 2.2i 16V with 147HP convertible (Vauxhall Astra Mk4?, engine z22se), year 2002, 5 pre owners, 120000mi/170000km, timing chain set changed in 2016 with 100000mi/135000km. Everthing worked fine, but after 200km/150mi, I ignited the engine, there was a metallic cracky sound and the engine suddenly sounds like the typical diesel nailing.
After several repair attempts, like changing the ignition module, other fuel (no E10) and the sparks, I opened the valve cover and dicovered, that the timing chain has changed its position by two or three links. Not enough I checked the pistons by an endoscope camera for my mobile and found some imprints on the pistons surface.
What do you think up to now? Is this some capital engine damage or is everthing quite normal expect the timing of valve etc?
Thanks in advance for helpful hints
Take care and bye
k-e0520a36-cac0-435e-b70b-f58cccd260ab.jpg k-c27bdf6d-c289-4e8c-8f78-6d455401f083.jpg k-cfa42402-2728-40d2-bb94-6696e4953cfe.jpg k-24e689f0-630a-43a0-bab6-de8a12bf59f4.jpg
Timing chain:
WhatsApp Image 2019-08-27 at 18.50.43(1).jpeg WhatsApp Image 2019-08-27 at 18.50.43.jpeg
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I would say that you definitely need a new timing chain set , from looking at the pictures and your description of the metallic sound.

The top chain guide is very discolored which is down to age.

And you may want to give the piston tops a clean up as well. Which would mean removing cylinder head and also mean a new head gasket set also
Hi there and thanks for your hints.
I did normalize unorthodoxlly the timing with the old parts. The enigine runs normally again, no idea for how long but contemporary and for German technical inspection (11.2019) it could work. Furthermore the pressure (in German Kompression) of the 4 zylinders were measured, 13.5, 13.3, 12.4 and 13.1 BAR (metric unit), which seems to be quite or more than OK. I hope and think there is no bent (inlet) valve. What about the chain guide (plastic or pinion), which should be 3 years and 35.000km old.
I'd like to keep the Astra project small and do not want to open the whole engine (cylinder head etc.) , for what the car is worth. There is other things to maintain like 1 front drive collar, 1 convertibel hydraulic hose to the cylinder of the convertible hood cover. In the end you get another comparably good Astra for the price of 1000,- € without further repairing interventions on the market. The whople timing chain action will cost about 400,- € incl. men power.
BTW which chain preairing kits do you prefer, brand/quality/price. In FRG there is INA and Febi, but there is also quite cheaper sets of FAI and Swag.
What do you think and thanks in advance four your assessment.

PS: I hope my written English is comfortable to read and low in errors :).
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your compression test is good, so it appears there are no bent valves. That is amazing !

In the UK genuine timing chain kits are usually cheaper than pattern kits, so we use genuine GM
Hi again and thanks for your assessment!
I did find a BGA-timing-chain-kit with your part number at Ebay Germany for 90€. I think this is ungenuine and quite expensive.
Do you think it will last out, if I only chanke the primary chain? As far as I see, there is a second chain and a ribbed belt, furthermore at least three gaskets.
Could you please list the minimum number of parts which you would renew, if you are me? :)

1x primary timing chain (latest design with) + chain tensioner without sprockets
1x valve cover seal
1x seal for control housing

Maximum number of parts would be:
1x timing chain set for camshaft drive complete (latest version, chain tensioner, sprockets)
1x timing chain set for balance shafts/water pump drive -> without/with gears for balance shafts?
1x valve cover seal
1x seal for control housing
1x oil seal crankshaft
1x oil filter + sealing rings
1x water pump -> without/with gear and cover + seals?
1x V-ribbed belt
1x belt tensioner

Thanks in advance