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Interior Astra G dash removal how to guide


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Astra G dash removal how to guide (version 1) - Astra G dash removal

ok so as it happens i need to remove the dash from my car to retro fit climate control
here's how i got on
t20 torx screwdriver
Philips screwdriver
stiff plastic wedge for removing trim under hand brake and below ash tray
small allen key for head light switch

removing the headlight switch
i used a small allen key to remove the switch knob
pull out then insert the allen key and pull knob...
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Hi Pepi,

I changed the evaporator on my old vectra and there was no need to remove the dash. I removed the side of the centre console in the passenger footwell, and there was a cover that could be removed to allow access. You can buy a replacement cover that fits over the hole once you replace the evaporator.

Part #13 in this link suggests it might be the same for the astra, hope this helps,25396/
Wow thanks jwalker that sounds better than pulling the whole dash out thanks,, but do i have to cut a hole in the heater box?.. if this helps i have a astra 2001


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Yes you have to make the hole, but it gets covered up again with the replacement panel.

I don't know the exact procedure for the astra, maybe it might be worth checking with someone who has a copy of TIS to know for sure
Hi Carlos

I know it's been a long time, but did you remove the whole dashboard?

I need to remove the whole dashboard from my MK4 Astra Van 1.7DTI, I think they're the same.

Can you help with any tips etc?