Astra G ATE 57/25 front caliper seal replacement BIGGRED

Brakes Astra G ATE 57/25 front caliper seal replacement BIGGRED


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brake caliper seal replacement and refurb - ATE caliper repair

heres a quick how to change the seals and dust covers on the standard Astra G front ATE caliper

Remove the caliper from the car and empty the remaining brake fluid from the pot
you can see with this one the dust cover is swollen for the use of black grease
View attachment 13366

use an allen key or similar item with a flat end to push the pot out of the caliper body thru the brake pipe hole on the rear
View attachment 13367

once the pot is out the dust cover and inner seal can be...
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thanks :)
i must remember to look at what category its in before creating a new resource unless you can add the option in the creation page ??
It's the drop down box that is there while you are creating the resource. I'll try and do a guide tonight, as I've been meanin to do one for ages now