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Astra G Allignment Settings

Discussion in 'Wheels, Tyres & Suspension' started by Fordy, May 17, 2017.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm currently in the process of rebuilding my 2.2 Astra G that will be used for Track use (will be driving the car to track days initially... and hopefully home as well). I was wondering if anyone had any good base alignment settings to get me started whilst I start to learn more regarding alignment tuning and my preference based on my driving style?

    Plus any suggestions with regards to parts that will benefit the Astra's handling will be much appreciated such as RARBs and bushes etc.


  2. Being a road car as well is always a compromise as you have to factor in tyre wear.

    What suspension are you on?

    When I used to track my daily I found a good benefit from fitting new wishbones, track rod ends, roll bar bushes, top mounts and drop links. This helped stiffen the car back up like new and didn't cost a huge amount, don't buy cheap stuff though, I bought Delphi parts which are OE quality.

    Rear adjustable anti roll bar makes a good difference, uprated the front roll bar to the mk5 twin top one as it's thicker.

    Some turbo front brakes, braided lines and yellowstuff pads as a minimum really.

    Settings wise seeing as it's a road car I'd start off at:

    Front: -2 to -2.5 degrees camber and 0 to 1mm toe out.

    Rear: it's fixed but can be adjusted with camber shims, try and adjust it to run 0.5mm toe in to 0mm and -2 degrees camber.

    If your pockets are deep, get some gaz gold black edition or AST's and 500lb front springs and 400-450lb rears (dampers on soft still feel nice on the road)

    Solid subframe mounts are worth while, as is the rose jointed drop links, spherical bearing wishbones and rear beam bush from RnD motorsport.
  3. Nice one for that mate. That helps a lot.

    The car will only be used for track days as I have Astra H as my daily. Haven't got a suitable car to tow the track car atm so would be driving it to/from the track day.

    Car hasn't really been touched since buying it on Ebay as spares or repairs. Just threw a cheap engine in and took it to Germany a couple of years ago. Bought some cheap second hand coilovers and threw them on so will be looking to upgrade the suspension at some point. I fitted some Astra VXR front brakes before Germany too but everything was rushed and last minute so didn't even have chance rebuild them.

    With it being stripped out is there any need to go bigger on the rear brakes or are the rears ok?
  4. Ah right cool, the rears work fine on track with a aftermarket pad and braided lines. I've gone for vectra vxr 291mm rears, reason being my fronts are 365mm so needed to balance the rear out and they are vented which helps on the 45 minute races
  5. What club do you race with? I tried looking for a club a while back and didn't really find much?
  6. This works for me...
    -2.25 camber on the front without any toe.
    -1 camber rear with a Astra MK5 VXR axle.
    Dunlop DZ03G's are epic tyres in the dry, Yoko AD08R's for the wet.
    ...then chase M3's round the bends...

    Let me know your next track day, there's 3 of us with 2.2 Astra G's at work so we might have a race series soon.
  7. Main one is the AFRC via 750mc (Armed Forces Race Challenge) but I do a civvie race series with Track Attack race club in the multi marquee's.

    There is others like the 750mc purple hatch or msv trackday trophy
  8. Seems to handle really well that mate.

    Decided that rebuilding the engine was going to take me too long due to saving up to buy the parts bit by bit, so going throw another cheap engine in for now and get it back on the track, whilst I rebuild the other engine slowly.

    Yeah I will let you know mate, i'm up for that.
  9. Cheers for that mate, will have a look into them. Could possibly be something I want to do in the future.
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