Astra G 2.2 NA

Hello everyone ! I hope everything goes well for you since we are living a bit delicate moments.
After a long time without writing, here is my project that has taken me a lot of time and work, not to mention the money, but after seeing the results I am more than satisfied
Sorry if you do not understand something, some of you already know that I am Spanish and that I have to use the translator, and it is not that the translator is wonderful.

Well, two years ago the engine of my astra decided to die, skipping the chain and leaving the engine barely useless, but I decided to redo it and I have been running it for almost 1 year and a half, and it is going like never before.

Approximately 4 months ago I decided to install several improvements to get a little more power to the z22se, with the results of 181CV and 240NM, values obtained in power bank.
potencia 1.2.JPG

The engine has the following modifications
Completely rebuilt engine
balance shafts canceled
Cylinder head gasket z22yh and cylinder head plane wear -0.5
Polished and enlarged exhaust ducts
intake ducts worked
Lightened valves and worked valve seats
Pipercams 260º
Egr canceled
Intake with foam filter and pipes in 63.5
John Asley exhaust manifold
exhaust line without catalytic converter, with Imscher intermediate and rear silencer, all this in 50-55mm

banco 1 .2.jpg

And now, my question for connoisseurs, what else can you get, to get to 190 hp?
The exhaust system does not convince me much, according to my calculations, it should have an exhaust system in 57mm. What do you think?
Another idea is to find the throttle body of the 2.4, which throttle body is it Exactly?
I am also waiting to mount a new lightened flywheel, with a lightened crankshaft pulley, right now I have a crankshaft pulley as standard, with a lightened flywheel in 7k, and Zafira A z22se gearbox.
I accept all your ideas.

4-5 days ago, when I changed the battery on the side (due to weight distribution, I used to carry it in the trunk, but it was oversteering a lot when I put the VXR rear axle on it, so I decided to put it back in front). starting, the car goes up to 3,000 rpm, and when I step on the accelerator it does not work, so I decided to diagnose and these faults came out.
fallos 1.jpg

I think both the throttle body and the accelerator pedal have said goodbye, so I am waiting to find them. Am I right with the ruling?

With this I finish my publication, I hope you like my astra, and we will talk soon!
Nice results from the dyno graph. Well done.
The fault codes could all be a power supply fault to engine. Check all the wiring, fuses and relays before spending any money. All the items with codes are on same power supply. Red/Blue wire.
The exhaust would be better if larger, around 63.5mm would be good.
I have not heard much good about the light weight crank pulley. It's a shame you did not have the Crankshaft lightened and bottom end balanced while it was apart as this greatly improves the way the engine revs out.
The 2.4 manifold should take your close to if not above 190ps the exhaust will help that a lot to.
Changing up to a 63.5mm down pipe made a big difference to my Vectra B, We have to run a cat still in UK for it to be road legal and pass the MOT test each year.
There are 63.5mm exhaust systems available off the shelf for the Astra so it will be easy to find one. Most of us in the UK who are N/A are using 63.5mm/2.5" exhausts. We do have 200cpi Cats as well.