astra coupe edition.

so after making a hybrid z20net/jaguar supercharged inlet manifold, ran it for a few weeks to see if it would work running charge cooled ,,got inlet temps down to as low has 12 Celsius,so very happy with inlet temps, but have strange things happening when running sometimes,,,,
DSC_0125 (1).JPG


no I didn't do the balance shaft delete on this engine ,, I was using oil on the old engine before I blow it up ,, had a idea it had something to do with the b/s delete , so didn't do the forged engine ,, and not used any oil ,,,might have been something else ,
I have about 20mm at back of turbo after panel beating bulkhead, as you can see in pics you have none before, I also ran brake and clutch pipes into bulkhead to avoid heat from turbo,,