Astra Bumper

Hi Guys, I'm in need of a part and I have no idea what its called. On my astra I needed to swap the headlighs out, and therefore just un-done both torx screw in the wheel arches to drop it enough. On one side the torx screw was badly rounded, but i managed to get it out (sort of). I got the torx screw out but was still attached to a metal square that wedges in the arch bodywork.

The torx screw is round and seized in the metal sqaure that it screws into. I have a new torx screw but can't find this metal square anywhere, sorry bad description, any idea's?


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Hi DeanoVIP,

I think the following diagram shows what you are after.


No. 21 - CLAMP,NUT,4.8,PROTECTIVE COVER FIXING - part # 11086793
No. 19 - SCREW,TORX,4.8 X 16,PROTECTIVE COVER FIXING - part # 11093171 (if you require any more)

These parts fit numerous models - (Astra G, Zafira A, Vectra B, Omega B, Meriva A & B, Corsa B & C and Tigra A) so should be available at dealers.

Hope that helps! :)