Astra Bertone Coupe Front Windshield

I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I need help regarding the front windshield for my 2001 Astra Bertone Coupe 2.2. In a failed robbery/ hijack some thugs threw some object that cracked the front windscreen of my car on the passenger side. I bought this car 5 years ago as used vehicle and it still drives like new up to now, but the huge crack on the windscreen spoils the look of the vehicle so I need to replace it. I am based in Zimbabwe and this model (Bertone Coupe) is very rare and cannot find a replacement windscreen locally, but the rest of the parts are not a problem.

Anyone who knows where I can order online an aftermarket front windscreen for this 2001 Astra Bertone Coupe 2.2? I do not mind a second hand one if it is available and in good condition.