Astra Bertone coupe 2.2 Autosport SE2 02' PO404#11

November 23, 2020
Hello all, while driving in cruise control on motorway around 6 weeks ago, my EML came on but the car was still driving fine. After a stop off, I continued in my journey, around 120 miles, once off the motorway, I had a few issues where the car was trying to either die on me or was 'pulsing' / still trying to drive while at a standstill with foot on brake! I managed to get the car home. OBD came up with 1 fault code, PO404 #11. I can't find any info on the #11 part. There is a hole in the rear silencer but this has never affected the car previously. I removed the EGR valve and cleaned, it was quite clogged up, car at 98,000 never been off before. Car ran fine for a few days, once warm just kept cutting out/ dieing when you come to a stop. Brought a new EGR valve, and fitted, made sure oil topped up, coolant etc, car still doing the same thing. If anyone has any info what might be the cause it would be helpful. I am going to replace centre and back exhaust soon too. Plugs have also only done 10,000 miles and been checked. Thank you
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