Alloy wheels and your spare?

Okay a little update, wheels won't be done till Monday now, they had to redo two of them as they weren't happy with how they were coming along. However, the centre caps which were silver with a chrome decal bit (just visible in this picture).

now look like this,

and have yet (in the above picture) to be fitted with these,
I have fitted them but just haven't taken a picture yet as I've left them drying at work (I put another coat of lacquer over them after fitting the decals to seal it all).
no idea lol
im now getting the engine ready for building just spent a hour or 2 reshaping the

Should look good when finished Pete. (y)

By the way, just noticed your 'Fuelly' - 1 fuel up and 0 mpg, that's pretty impressive.:eek:
Yeah lol haven't filled it in for a while as it doesn't work properly on part fills lol. Mind you the on board computer frightens me when I put my foot down lol.