Alloy wheels and your spare?

Not sure, was thinking black but then would probably be too much. Red might be nice or maybe just go with Silver not sure, plus if I make a mistake then I can simply start again without having to worry.
Well these are the wheels I've just picked up. A bit of damage but not too bad I think. Most of the other marks appear to be just on the painted surface except the ones I have pictured.
Wheel one:
20150218_121955.jpg 20150218_122004.jpg
Wheel two: this appears to be the worst one I think.
20150218_122023.jpg 20150218_122100.jpg
Wheel three:
Wheel four:
For what you paid for them Pete, I reckon you've got a good bargain (y) even though you had a bit of a journey to collect them (it beats working).

With a bit of elbow grease they should come up ship shape and looking new.:)
Exactly and they are off (having just had a little look) an Astra H with the same PCD, Bore and Offset as mine. Lets say that even with the journey of 435 miles round trip it was worth it I think.
Oh this was my BC screen before I put 51 quid in with only about 86 miles to go home.
Point at which I filled up again (according to the computer I had about 100 miles left but didn't want to risk it):

Total trip (bearing in mind we had nearly an hour delay sitting on the A303 creeping along to get off due to an accident):
This was the return journey from Plymouth to home (not bad I think (was 6.299 gallons though)):
Mileage and fuel tank reading once this morning (think I must have reset trip metre about a mile from petrol station lol):
Range this morning, lol:
All in all probably cost me about £50 odd to go get them plus we had a nice drive lol (well apart from the accident on the 303).

Oh and when I did fill up it said I had over 500 miles range lol.
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Well I intend to have a go at it but take my time. Even more so as I'm liking a dark purple over a silver base more than just silver. Dunno yet, lol, will probably change my mind again.
An update on the wheels I recently got. Having given them a real good clean with a wheel cleaner I've found a fair bit of bubbling on the inside of a couple of them (possibly these were the fronts) which means that I'd have to clean down and paint the complete wheels. So in light of that and having talked to the wife I'm going to have them stripped and powder coated. I've found a place just down the road from my works which does it on a three day turn round which is great. Not sure on the colour now as I've seen some of the colours they do. I like the Anthracite as it's a little less bold than straight silver, I fancy a dark purple/black colour or maybe straight gloss black, but then I say a pair of wheels in a teal colour which looked amazing. Will simply have to have a look at there work and see what grabs me. Oh the wife said no to orange which I'd seen on another black Signum and looks fantastic. On a lighter note, she paid for my tank of fuel yesterday so that's a bonus, lol.
Oh and whilst I was getting the tyres removed at my local tyre shop one of the guys who works there turned up with a VXR Monaro. Wow did it sound fantastic mind you not surprising under the circumstances what with a 6ltr V8 under the bonnet.
Okay, wheels are in being stripped etc as we speak, will be done on Saturday. Will then have tyres swapped over and hopefully by then will also have modified the centre caps which are going to be painted black and have these put on them. As for the finished colour well that will be this colour as in real life it is simply gorgeous. Can't wait to get them on now, lol, will have to wash and polish the rest of the car to get it looking right for a picture.