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Discussion in 'Wheels, Tyres & Suspension' started by IDI AMIN, May 29, 2017.

  1. I've got myself a set of 17" alloys to replace my 16" originals on my Vectra.

    They are Vauxhall wheels i think from an Astra. I completely stripped the insides of the wheels back to bare metal as they were rusting and bubbled up a bit in some parts.


    You can see the bits where water was getting through and causing the bubbling.
    I used some paint stripper from Screwfix, the no frills stuff it's a bit cheaper than the Nitromors stuff, but still works quite well.

    Some of the wheels stripped easier than others, others needed a going over a couple of times with the paint stripper and left overnight, scraping some layers off with a blade and some steel wool, to look like the above wheel when finished.

    As they were all bare metal inside i first gave them a coat of etch primer, then a coat of 2k primer.

    IMG_20170414_212127. In primer.

    In basecoat the colour is Ford moondust silver

    Here's some more pics of the finished article













    IMG_20170521_200103. IMG_20170521_210915.




    The only downside is the tyres i want, are double the price for same brand i have on 16" wheels which are Falken Ziex 914

    If anyone can recommend some good tyres, i would like some suggestions for alternatives to consider
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  2. Uniroyal Rain Expert 3 are phenomenal but slightly more expensive than the Falken's. And some Pirelli P7's are slightly cheaper. Other than that I don't know of many really good tyres and with those 3 you get what you pay for. The Pirelli are good and the Uniroyal are fantastic. First time for me with the Falken Ziex 914s but have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. But cannot wait to try some Uniroyals as the Falken 225 45 17 came on my new wheels.
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  3. By the way 225 are a reasonable amount cheaper than 215 and do just about go on the Vectra B with only the slightest of scrub on the rear on large speed humps. I've looked and see no damage to rims or tyres at all so I'm happy and I have mirror lips on my rims so figure I'd notice the tiniest scuff lol
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  4. looks real nice well done IDI AMIN. I use michellin pilot sport 3's on my astra - smooth quiet and grippy :)
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