Advice please! New vauxhall owner.


Hellooo, new to owning a vauxhall. Bought a 2.2ltr SRI 150 2002, first reg January not later model with oil injector fix. Can't complain for £800 and a bit of rust around wheel arches and a couple of paint defects.

Car is MOT'd for 6 months and running ok. But engine light has come on. Code P0340 is showing, camshaft sensor?

Timing doesn't seem great as the idle changes from 700 to 1100 intermittently, sits at around 700/800 when I start, run it for a while, short motorway journey and it then sits at around 1000. The engine/chain is not to noisy from what I can tell.

Little to no service history, been told it's had an oil change....??? Not much good if it hasn't had regular ones anyway right.? Has anyone got any advice for engine light? I have a long standing mechanic I've used for years who is going to run diagnostic checks next week. No proof of any work carried out like chain kit replacing, upgraded oil injector's, coil packs or spark plugs.

wouldn't mind spending a bit to bring it back to its former glory, great looking and sounding car.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!!


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