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Advice needed - Vectra C 2.2 Direct - Gearbox - replace, repair or get rid!

Discussion in 'General Automotive Discussion' started by Tony Prescott, December 22, 2017.

  1. All guys, Firstly Happy Christmas to you all!

    Now, lets get down to business

    I have a Vectra 2.2 Direct Estate on a 57 plate, done 157K all is good, it even passed its MOT! However.....

    The Gearbox is finely going (1st/2nd Gear whizzing and slipping around corners) to add to that its a 7 speed box too.

    Obvs, its not worth more than £1200 so the question is

    Do I replace the gearbox & clutch (local GearBox place says £2K + VAT!) ?
    Can this repaired or replace with reconditioned (I hear that there are so many variations, I'd have to get the gearbox off to find the exact model etc)
    Is it time to get rid?
    Is there any other (helpful) suggestions?

  2. if its 5 speed then it would be easy to just get a z22se/z22yyh vec c gearbox to replace
    the m32 the 6speed can only be found on the 2.2 direct its the only one that fits the l850 bolt pattern fith the starter at the front
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  3. Thanks for that, it is the 6 speed, so would have to be the one with the l850 bolt pattern. also I'm guessing I would need to replace the clutch (and bits) too.

    How much do you think I would be looking at?
  4. most place would charge about £600-800 to supply fit a clutch with a replacement box supplyed
    having the box fixed would cost considerably more
    to add ive never had it done at a garage so cant say for the real costs i do all my own work to cut out the labor costs
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