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Can't recommend these enough. They have saved me £200 this year since I started modifying my Astra


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I changed over this week. I had no choice since fitting my new suspension and the addition of the 2.4 manifold and T/B. I'm paying a bit more than what I was before but with the amount of mods i've got i'm not complaining.


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Didnt work for me last year, they were £60 dearer without declaring the mods over Hyperformance.

Incidently Hyperformance was the only company i could find 11 years ago to insure my modded XR4X4 V6 Cologne 2.8 with monster Garrett turbo as 'unlimited horsepower' at a reasonable cost as well.
Wheels, sound declared as well, the comment is the replace with factory priced stuff, so well in.


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Jamee said:
Same as me, all mods declared, agreed value if smashed or stolen, and still only £267 a yr.
Is that with Flux ???

My renewal with the RAC has jumped form £216.00 to £276.00 :eek:

No claims this year (or for the past 11 years come to that) and I haven't moved to the Bronx either :evil:


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Modify it and it'll be okay then!!


TBH, my mate in work got a quote from them for his 325i BMW and it was a little high. His was completely standard too.


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i pay 280 fully comp with no claims protected [ 8 years], got 3 points as well

veccy sri b - cheaper than my fricking calibra

make sure u tell adrian flux where u work as well, my m8 got scammed when his car got nicked from work, they refused to pay up as his work place was a higher risk than his house