AD08R vs DZ03G vs Pilot sport 3 @ moist Silverstone GP

My bro and I had a track day @ Silverstone last Tuesday, we run nr. Identical Astra-G’s Z22se with similar chassis mods - were a competitive family!!!

I have 2 sets of tyres, Michelin PS3 on standard rims & Dunlop DZ03G Semi-slicks on Supertourings.
My bro has only Yokohama AD08R on standard rims.
All tyres are nearly new in size 205/50R16.

Conditions were appox 7C, with a constant fine rain nearly all day.

I started with the Michelin’s – thinking a proper road tyre with wet rating A will probably be quicker than the AD08 with wet rating B. WRONG!!! Yokohama’s were quicker with much better turn-in and steering feel.

Swallowed a brave pill and put the Dunlop’s on for the afternoon – what the hell, my bro is faster than me anyhow so I have nothing to loose! The dunlops are a semi-slick with wet rating F so surely these must be the worst tyre. WRONG!!! Dunlops faster than yoko’s, immediately I felt more grip than the Michelins even though stone cold, then managed to get a bit of temperature into them and then just they took off, quicker than the Yoko’s by appox 2 sec’s. I had to sandbag down the straights so my bro could video me.

Some afternoon video from my bro's dash cam.....

Best times…

Michelin PS3 3:05

Yokohama AD08R 3:01

Dunlop DZ03 2:59


Silverstone is a grippy track even when wet, the softer compound on the dunlops would be working in your favour. The track needs to be very wet with a bit of standing water for the road tyres to come into there own as there better at dispersing the water but are a harder compound.