Abs connector

I have some fault issue with the ABS/TC . Reading the fault codes bring up a fault that days there is no communication with ABS/TC

I saw in the forums that people replaced the ABS module to solve the problem. Although I also saw that it can be fixed by cleaning the connector .

Can someone tell me how to undo the connector after taking the relay box out?

I hope I can fix it cheap :cry::cry:
Alright I got happy too soon. I was waiting for a mate. While waiting I turned the engine off. And at that moment IT WAS THERE AGAIN!

I dont understand this at all. Does someone has some suggestion, or is the ABS module just busted? Or could it be the ECU? Its so frustrating, it keeps cutting off at traffic ligths.:mad:


Stupid Bollocks
mine got wet after hitting a flood at 50mph never saw it coming in the end i had to swap the abs ecu part of the abs pump but the engine cutting out at junctions could be a number of things
Ah so it can be that the ECU of the abs pump needs to be changed. The weird thing is that the communication is not always lost. I have noticed during the time that the lights are only on when the weather is warm or when the engine warmed up, really weird. And only when the lights are on it starts to stall, otherwise drives perfect.

Do you also think its the ABS ECU or some connection somewhere?
Solved it. It was the ABS computer. Left the pump itself in there.

Fault codes I had was: U2108 (and sometimes a bunch of other codes such as fuel pressure regulator)

It started temperature related not that long ago and ended up being intermittent.

Engine will run really bad when speedometer doesn't work. I read somewhere that the engine relies on the speed to run smooth.