a z22se head im playing with


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ive got a couple of z22se heads so time to play with them :)

the strip down ready for porting and skimming

all out

the inlet side valve seals were shafted the rubber has gone hard

it needs a good skim its looking sorry for its self

exhaust ports are gunged up with carbon and the seats are pitted

new valve guides at some point

big step in the casting line to be removed :)

more soon


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the tools i use for changing the valve guides these and a hammer and 2 blocks of wood @IDI AMIN

6mm to get them moving

3mm to push them thru push out from top to bottom then to refit bottom to top

the 3mm is almost the same size as the guide 10mm but once in to the alloy the knurling gets trapped

some modifications shortened the 6mm and ground the knurling off the 3mm

6mm now just pops out 5mm

all the inlet guides were ether to high or to low 10.4mm or 12mm ive now reset them all to the spec 11.2 -.11.4mm :)
I had to use the handle end of my punch to knock it in as i did not have the correct size of punch , but it still done the job and to remove it was the same method except the punch i had available was maybe only covering 3/4 of the guide to push it through the guide hole once the guide was flush with the head .
i know i followed the correct height specs that you posted on my thread which are also in the haynes manual . If i ever do a guide again i will have to buy correct size for doing the work, the set i had was from machine mart they were different sizes but even the largest head did not completely cover the diameter of the guide.

How is it possible that all the valve guides were the incorrect height on this head . Is it just all the new guides were put in willy nilly without the person following proper specs


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i did not have the correct size of punch
my set is a draper set like this

How is it possible that all the valve guides were the incorrect height on this head
at some point its probably had bent valves and then had the inlet side valve guides replaced but were just tapped in and not to the exact measurement
im thinking about knocking them all out and replacing them as there not expensive for a set of guides


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its now dropped of at the machine shop for cleaning and skimming

i took the new +1 valves with me to see what they thought about fitting them to my head
they drop right in to a stock head lol
just need the seat cutting back a little


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had a bit more time on it today

weight saving lol

cleared out to the seat

bottom matched

modded the diy flap wheel to stop the end digging in

lost more sanding to do
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I'm trying to follow exactly what you're trying to do but can't get my finger on it. I see you've cleaned the head and renewed the valve guides, but why are you coloring the inlet ports (or hoe do ypu call them?) blue? What are you exacly trying to do whit the head?