6 speed conversion

Hi guys,
We are preparing 6speed conversion for Opel speedster in Japan.
However, we could not buy Bracket transmission to chassis LH (B124A0091F) from lotus.
My question is that we are able to convert from F23 to M32 without B124A0091F? (maybe not)
Our M32 gearbox was for Lotus Europa.
Does anyone has B124A0091F?


We've shipped stuff to Tokyo before through the z22se shop. Shipping is quite expensive, but I'm sure if you are happy with the shipping costs we can get the part from lotus and post it out to you?
Thanks Matt!
We are just looking for B124A0091F(Bracket transmission to chassis LH).
I could not get this because of obsolete at lotus.
I assume that it is difficult to get staff from lotus, maybe some chanell of distribution...


From: "Keith \(DeRoure Ltd\)" <THEM>
Date: 4 July 2012 11:05:36 GMT+01:00
To: <ME>
Subject: RE: DeRoure Website Order: 2590
Dear Matt,

Thank you for your order.

Unfortunately Lotus have made part number B124A0091F obsolete earlier this
year so we will not be able to supply this part.

We have therefore cancelled your order and no funds have been taken from
your card.

I apologise that we could not help out this time.

Best Regards, Keith Derrick

DeRoure Ltd
Driving Prestige Parts Forward

Unit 5, Whitehouse Business Park
White Ash Green
Halstead, Essex


So have they replaced the part with another Matt, otherwise a simple gearbox bracket is going to write off a £15k car :confused:
It's not! I've just spoke to a dealer in Leeds who apparently spoke to someone this morning about the same thing. The people who make the part for Lotus don't sell enough, so won't make any more of them. Lotus agree this is stupid, but aren't doing anything about it!
Hello there!...Ive just bought a 2003 vectra 2.2 sri direct...and ..im hopping to find here ..some clues or the right person to talk about it ...regarding of a modified gearbox...the car is got a z22yh engine