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http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/5-featured.jpg|Christmas is over, the weather is dismal so we have 5 belting products to get your pecker up. Certainly around here the roads are salty and grimy and our wheels are screaming for a bit of a clean. So it’s very handy that we have the Gyeon Wheelsticks. Made from the same microfibre as the Gyeon wash mitts, these are super soft and super safe. Wheelsticks are sturdy and chemical resistant and come in either large or medium, or there is a kit with both sizes.
Next up a couple of products that we’ve been using on our Mk1 Golf; first up the Eurow edgeless towels. In our opinion you can never have enough microfibre, we use them everywhere, so this pack of 12 will always come in very handy. One side has a short, plush pile, the other is tighter- ideal for all detailing jobs.
The second treat for our Golf was the Gyeon Preserve trim dressing, this has a natural matte look which is exactly what the car needed. It’s an ideal way of protecting and dressing the trim, which is exactly what this old friend needed.
Number 4 on our list is the lambswool duster. When we got this as a sample we weren’t sure how useful it would be, however now we’ve used it we’ve been pleasantly surprised. As they say, it’s always the simple ideas that work out best and this duster with its soft wool pile and great reach has become one of our favourites.
And finally something for the real aficionados. No touch drying is without doubt the safest way to dry your car and if you’ve had a look at the Airforce Blaster and put off by the price, then have a look at the Metrovac Sidekick blaster. It may be small but still has a 1.3hp motor which is more than enough to blow off the water from your paint.
If you’re ever undecided about which product to try, have a look at the product testimonials on each page, or of course give us a call or drop us an e-mail.

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