407 2006 hdi coupe bonnet not opening

My bonnet cable seem to have snapped and i cannot open the bonnet, i was told the following:

"remove the o/s/f indicator this can be done by putting a thin screw driver between the bonnet and wing to push the indicator release tab down. once the indicator is out of the way you can see the bonnet catch behind the headlamp use a torch to locate where the cable should be and pull the latch towards you. it should take you about 10 mins to do this"

Please can anyone tell me what the o/s/f/ indicator is so i can try and see if i can remove it ?
Thanks but it does not make sense, the side indicator if i understand this correctly is far from the bonnet lock mechanism, and far from the bonnet itself, yet it states that i need to push a screwdriver between the bonnet and wing ? And what is the wing, this just does not make sense ?
And how can the bonnet catch be behind the headlamp ?
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