For Sale 2002 Vauxhall Zafira

Due to picking up a new car next week im putting the Zafira up for sale.

Its a 2002 Zafira 2.2 comfort.

The milage is currently 89,130, this will rise slighty as it will be in use untill the end of next week.

It is taxed untill the 1st of January 2015, though with the new tax rules coming in to play at the beginning of October you would have to be very quick, the car will be put on sorn in approximatly 2 weeks (19th sep) due to me insuring the new car, so you would have to sort your own tax out in this case.

It has long MOT, i will have to double check the exact dates but at present its got 10/11 months remaing.

Good things for the potential buyer include:

2x brand new pirelli tyres on the front, rears are legal (approx 3mm)

2x brand new rear shock absorbers.

1x New droplink on the NSF.

Discs and pads are a month old on the front.

Rear discs and pads about 4 months old.

Recent alternator (approx 4/5 months ago).

Air con working perfectly.

Tow bar and twin electrics fitted, and all working.

Cruise control, electric front windows, PAS, AC etc etc.

The car drives with out fault, always starts first time, no funny noises, comfortable reliable cruiser, extremely practical family car/hack.

Not so good bits (there are always some).

EML is on atm, though this is just the EGR valve, its been blanked of for around a year now anyway and causes no running faults, i fully intend on fitting an EGR cheater as soon as i can get one though so this should not be of any concern by the time the car is sold.

General bodwork and interior is a bit tatty due to age, milage and use, nothing horrific but worth mentioning that there are a few scratches dings etc, it is perfectly presentable though and scrubs up well.

As with all Z22se engines you do have to top up the oil, its not horrific and i have never counted the miles between top ups, but i just pop the bonnet once a month and top it up if required.

Chip in swept area of windscreen, has been there since we have had it.

I will find and add some pictures shortly.

The project thread from when i first got it

The car is located in Swindon.

Im after as close to £1500.00 as i can get.

Cheers !
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