2001 Chianti Red Astra Coupe

so bought this around 6 months ago , gave up on my project 406 after the sills gave in to the terminal rust and broke it for spares ,
picked it up for 600 quid with a slight misfire all the brakes bound and the rear shockies totally gone . the car was clean but the paint was really dull as in the past 5 hears its only covered about 12 thousand miles ! car as just sitting there wasting away ! got it home and gave it a good t cut replaced all the brakes . got two new rear shocks and picked up a set of 30mm lkoni lowering springs . misfire was the dreaded over tightened spark plugs giving the head a nice crack . got a secondhand head got it skimmed and reworked it with slight porting on exhaust side , exhaust gave up after sitting off the road for so long so fitted a stainless cat back from cobra sport with a 3" outward rolled tip . de restricted air box , changed rear lights for the smoked style ones ,

all in all a great car for sub 1k with 62k on the clock

plan to get that horrible rear plate surround off , got a 4-1 and Decat ordered from Ashley exhausts ,get a gsi bumper onto the front , got a spoiler off of a Turbo and a set of eyelids getting painted then its gsi wheels and possibly cams in the summer ! also the rear badges are half removed by the previous owner and have baked into the paint so that + the rear bumper being nudged and scraped will just result in that getting painted along with gsi bumper

thanks for looking



I hate pugs
You made the right decision going to vaux and more so picking a 2.2 they are a good engine
I love my coupe and I the 4 years of ownership it's let me down once when the battery died
pug was a great car , mapped by myself and a mate who's into the VW scene was a proper sleeper swell used to blast past Audi's and bm's in a massive puff of reek and it would run on home brewed biodiesel , kept snapping rear droplinks and warping brake discs as it was never meant to be that fast came with 90 HP standard .

only time this astra gave me any trouble was when I done the head and it sheered a came pulley on startup ! never caused any damage though

I'm a bad judge as I do like loud exhausts , its quiet enough driving around town and under 3.5k , open it up and it does make a fair howl ! nice pops and burbles on overrun or quick throttle blips for down shifting , was a steal at 250 Inc fitting