Wanted 2.4 inlet manifold

Hi all I’m new to the forum but I’ve been reading a lot of posts which have helped a lot with my 150 Vectra ... I’m a mechanic myself and my dad is a Vauxhall mechanic anyways .... I was reading up about increasing the power and trying to get rid of the flat spot these engines suffer with , and a 2.4 inlet seems a good starting point ... does anyone know where I might be able to buy one
Many thanks
pop up for sale sometimes on here ,, you can ask on the vx220 forum ,, other than that its America,,, or join z22se on facebook theres a man called Jeffery nelson reiland who sends a lot of supercharger kits to the uk,, hes a very helpful man ,,
[QUOTE = "Paulcovy, publicación: 1259938, miembro: 7957"] Gracias chicos, ¿es esta la parte correcta?
También estaba leyendo sobre los problemas de montaje del alternador y el ecu mientras ajustaba esto ... ¿qué necesito tener en cuenta o fabricar gracias [/ QUOTE]
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Apologies for resurrecting someone's topic.....but I am also after a 2.4 inlet for my Bertone Astra.....I've looked at Ebay.com but there seem to be a world of different 2.4 manifolds and a lot don't look to have any bigger tubes than the UK items.....the Cobalt one above does not look like the ones Courtenay Sport ordered from the US back in the day?