1. evocarlos

    vectra vxr rear vented discs and caliper conversion astra g

    so heres the start to the vectra vxr 292mm vented rear disc conversion :) new gm discs and gm pads and the callipers going to strip and clean and recondition the callipers and paint them red then get on with making the adapter plate
  2. Mark Dj

    My Astra VXR Arctic Edition

    Not long had my Astra VXR Arctic Edition. Loving the car so far. 16K on the clock, few minor issues that are getting sorted out soon. My car came with Sat Nav, Parking sensors, Full leather seats. Mods I have done so far are Pre Cat pipe and Forge recirculation valve. I am still getting a funny...
  3. Matt

    Knock from Front End

    Over the past couple of days, I've noticed a knock which can be felt through the brake pedal just as the car comes to a halt. It doesn't do it all the time, and doesn't do it when slowing from speed, only when coming to a stop from a already slow speed. Can't figure which side either, but you...
  4. Matt

    M32 Gearbox Oil Change

    Changed the oil on my gearbox again today. It was last changed 18 months ago DSC_5663 by Matt Worthington, on Flickr DSC_5664 by Matt Worthington, on Flickr DSC_5665 by Matt Worthington, on Flickr Fill level on the front of the box DSC_5666 by Matt Worthington, on Flickr Drain on the...
  5. Matt

    For Sale Astra VXR Mats For Sale

    I'm selling the mats from my VXR, as they have been sat in the shed since I fitted the Irmscher ones. No Reserve on eBay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=161089967985
  6. Matt

    Insurance Renewed

    Got my renewal through from Direct Line yesterday. I paid £480 last year, and my renewal came through at £510! Did a new quote with them online last night, and the exact same details came through at £341.32! Gave them a call this morning, and they have matched the online quote, so I've saved...
  7. Matt

    Disks and Pads

    Just been and fetched them from work. The fronts weight a frigging tone! Fronts Rears
  8. Matt

    First 2013 Clean

    Managed to spend a couple of hours on the car this afternoon. First proper clean and polish of 2013! I actually forgot how good Super Resin Polish actually is. Still needs a full machine polish, which I'll do before PVS, and have a couple of other small jobs I want to get sorted before...
  9. Matt


    Car is booked in for 08:30 Tuesday morning for the MOT. Should be fine, as it's done less than 5,000 miles since last year.
  10. Daz

    Daz's Astra Vxr

    pics to follow, 1st mod fitted, astra j oil cap lol.... gearbox oil change to do tomorow
  11. Matt

    Interior VXR Recaro Seat Foam Replacement

    Matt submitted a new resource: VXR Recaro Seat Foam Replacement (version 1.0) - VXR Recaro Seat Foam Replacement Read more about this resource...
  12. Matt

    Engine / Transmission M32 Oil Change

    Matt submitted a new resource: M32 Oil Change (version 1.0) - Change oil in M32 Gearbox Read more about this resource...
  13. Matt

    Reverse Camera

    Just ordered a reverse camera for the Astra. It goes in the place of one of the rear number plate lights http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Reverse-Rear-View ... 2503wt_905 Coming from China, so should be here in a couple of weeks.
  14. Matt

    Reverse Camera Replaced

    Got the new camera in the post a couple of days ago, and the weather is pretty decent today, so set about replacing the old broken one So, removed the rear bumper, and it's pretty obvious what has gone wrong with it It's totally come apart, and was full of water So, connected the new one...
  15. Matt

    Reverse Camera

    Well this has now stopped working on the car :mad:
  16. Matt

    Paint Peeling Drivers Door

    Noticed this morning that there is some paint peeling off the drivers door where the handle meets the door :mad: Should be easy enough to fill in with a touch up kit, but it's f**king annoying to say the least!
  17. Matt

    Gearbox Mount

    Powerflex have just released a new gearbox mount of the Astra H Turbo http://www.powerflex.co.uk/product-details/Gearbox+Mount+Insert/2235.html Anyone have an idea of the amount of work needed to replace this?
  18. Matt

    Rattle from rear interior

    Well, this was the easiest fix in history! I've had a really annoying rattle from the rear of the car for a while now, and last week removed the parcel shelf.....and the rattle stopped. I was going to get a new shelf from the dealers, but when they were looking on EPC, they said to try...
  19. Matt

    6 Month Oil Change

    Well, I'm not going to bother this time! Car has only just covered 2k miles since it was last done, and it's running Fusch TItan Race 5/40 Esther Fully Syn. Can't justify another £60 when it's only covered 2k, and that oil should be more than upto the job of going for 12 months.
  20. Matt

    Under Bonnet Sound Proofing

    Removed this again from my car this afternoon. Engine sounds better with it gone, you can hear the turbo more