vectra b

  1. KevinH

    Vectra B Headlamp Levelling Motor

    GM Part # 90512714 - Motor, Assy, Headlamp Levelling (Carello) Note: This part is not used with the Carello Xenon headlamps.
  2. KevinH

    Vectra B Driveshaft Inner Joint Boot Kit

    GM Part # 93189383 (supersedes Part #'s 90543336 & 92100311) - Kit, Repair, Inner Joint, Axle Shaft (comprises: boot, large ciclip, small circlip, retaining clips & grease)
  3. KevinH

    Vectra B Driveshaft Outer Joint Boot Kit

    GM Part # 90512357 - Kit, Repair, Outer Joint, Azle Shaft (comprising: rubber boot, large circlip, small circlip, retaining clip and grease)
  4. mssri150

    Blistering above the windscreen rubber

    Evening all well I decided to clean the car today and it has come up a treat (few deep scratches but have a local paint company who mix up good touch up kits) anyway I've noticed a few blisters around the car. Bottom corner of the passenger door (looks rusted right through which is what I get...
  5. KevinH

    Vectra B Flat blade wipers (retrofit)

    GM Flat blade wipers (retrofit) for Vectra B '95-'03 - part # 93189628
  6. KevinH

    Vectra B Front wheel hubs and bearings

    Hub, Front Wheel (5 bolt fixing) - part # 90496444 Kit, Repair, Front Wheel Bearings, 74 mm OD - part # 90510542
  7. KevinH

    Vectra B Front brake pad retaining spring

    Spring, Retaining, Friction Pad - Part # 93173733
  8. KevinH

    Vectra B Front brake discs & pads installation kit

    Kit, Installation, Brake Disc and Pads (5 bolt fixing) - Part # 93175482 comprising:- set, disc, 288mm x 25mm, front brake, ventilated - Part # 93182284 & set, friction pads, brake, asbestos free - Part # 9195146
  9. P

    Hi All, not new but never really posted but need help!

    Hi All I've been about for a while and found lots of info on hear very helpful over this time, i now need some more specific help, i've just found that the fuel lines on my vectra b 2.2 z22se are leaking as they come from under the car into the engine bay and i have tried searching around with...
  10. KevinH

    Renewing rear trailing arm ball joints (rose bushes)

    Time to renew the trailing arm upper ball joints (aka rose bushes) on my Vectra B SRi as they are still the originals that left the factory over 15 years ago. Below is a list of genuine GM parts purchased from AutoVaux: 2 x 90496700 Ball Joint, Control Arm - £ 18.57 each inc VAT 2 x 90539298...
  11. DeanMG

    For Sale Vectra B 2.2CD 2002

    Good condition, Only 83,600 Miles! Last year fitted new battery, Avon tyres all round, brake discs and pads front and back, new cam/balance chains with tensioner etc. Can show bills for work / parts fitted. Small amount of surface rust on rear wheel arch. MOT'd until May 2017 with some minor...
  12. KevinH

    Vectra B Pollen Filter

    Vectra B Pollen Filter - part #: 90512779 (Heavy Duty Pollen Filter with Active Carbon also available - part #: 90541317)
  13. KevinH

    Vectra B Auxiliary Drive Belt

    Auxiliary drive belt - Part #: 93182249 (17.8mm x 1028mm for vehicles with air conditioning) £9.45 +VAT (Vx dealers MRP)
  14. hendomagic

    intermittent wiper pauses

    hi guys, looking for a bit of help. My veccy b wipers pause, on intermittent, at the top for about 3-4 seconds and then return to parked. On faster settings they work fine. Would this be a relay problem or motor on its way out. any input appreciated
  15. I

    Z22SE Ignition barrel f#%ked

    Hi guys, Ok I went to my 02 vectra b sri yesterday morning and key wouldn't turn in ignition. I'm looking to replace barrel but having difficulties removing the old 1. Will I have to remove steering wheel to remove the barrel. After looking online it says that by using a small Allen key on a pin...
  16. poundy

    code P0142

    this code isnt listed in my manual that came with the reader anyone know what this is?
  17. J

    Suspension Vectra B Outer CV Joint inc ABS ring renewal

    John T submitted a new resource: Vectra B Outer CV Joint inc ABS ring renewal (version 1.0) - Vectra B Outer CV Joint inc ABS ring renewal Read more about this resource...
  18. astra22bertoneauto

    Interior Remove instrument panel on Vectra

    astra22bertoneauto submitted a new resource: Remove instrument panel on Vectra (version 1.0) - Remove instrument panel on Vectra Read more about this resource...
  19. pottsey

    Balance chain (delete) query

    daz as ive done the balance shaft delete on mine does it affect timing the chain up at all,or do i just time it up as if the shafts are still there
  20. opel cdx

    Interior Total Closure Vectra B

    opel cdx submitted a new resource: Total Closure Vectra B (version 1.0) - Total Closure Vectra B Read more about this resource...