1. Dave Gilbert

    VECTRA C 2.2 TURBO SRI 16VALVE 250/60BHP (rolling road to let me know soon)

    im not sure if this is possible but im thinking of a 2.2 turbo so we know its not an easy job for a supercharger to a vectra c but they do the vectra c 2.0 turbo(z20net ithink)whic should be much easier. now my thoughts are that the z20net are based on the z22se type engine?? so what im...
  2. Scott howsam

    Signum upgrades

    Hi newbie here , finding it very difficult to find places to tune my signum I've managed a remap Induction kit And a cat back custom power flex I'm after bigger gains , maybe a bigger turbo that's a direct replacement as I have a 2.0l turbo but the turbos are all low compression .....any help...
  3. Scott howsam

    Newbie signum 2.0t owner "be nice"

    Hi a newbie here I have a vauxhall signum 2.0turbo I'm here for general discussions and help including info from fellow owners
  4. pottsey

    im in a new car

    well after 6.5 yrs of Vectra ownership its now in the scrapyard in the sky been and picked this up earlier astra coupe turbo in carbon black 82k miles 8 months tax 3.5 months tax ,paintwork needs a bit of tlc ,it has a miltek decat on it and a astra vxr cat ??? other than its standard ,runs very...
  5. PowR Remap

    2003 VW Transporter T4 2.5 Remapped

    Remapped a VW Transporter T4 2.5 102Bhp > 134Bhp | 184 lb/ft > 236 lb/ft torque It's so much smoother and the turbo comes in earlier and goes on throughout up to roughly 3700rpm. Owner was happy :-)
  6. Matt

    Gearbox Mount

    Powerflex have just released a new gearbox mount of the Astra H Turbo http://www.powerflex.co.uk/product-details/Gearbox+Mount+Insert/2235.html Anyone have an idea of the amount of work needed to replace this?
  7. Mark Dj

    Pre Cat and MOT Legal?

    Is an after market front pre cat on an Astra MK5 legal to have, will it still pass it's MOT? I know the MOT laws this year got a bit tuffer on stuff. Cheers