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  1. richard165

    Z22SE HELP! Cold start noise

    Hello, need some advice I fitted new balance chain, timing chain kit I have removed z20net tensioner and rechecked activation and is fine so put it back in fully active. Brand New oil filter and 10w40 magnatec oil. On cold start it makes this paranoia inducing sound...just for a second I...

    Z22SE timing and balance kit on a Z22YH

    Hi guys, looking for a bit of info, what are the differences between these as the kits look exactly the same. Do they transfer, anyone did it?

    How do you check timing / balance chain stretch?

    hi guys, im looking into checking if the chains I have removed have stretched over time. What is the overall length they should comply with? and how to reference this. thanks for reading.

    Cloyes or FAI

    Been looking into both the timing and balance chain kits for my veccy c. Which would you recommend for longevity. cheers
  5. Matt

    For Sale FAI / Camtec Z22SE Timing Chain Kit

    this is the last one from my old stock. Want rid now I'm not supplying them any more. Cost price = £60 so will let it go for that, plus £5 postage.
  6. KevinH

    New Timing & Balance Chain kits fitted

    So while visiting relatives in Shrewsbury, I had arranged with evocarlos (Carl) on Friday 21st Nov to have new GM Timing Chain and Balance Chain kits fitted to my Vectra B SRi 150. The weather was awful, it rained virtually all day long, but Carl got to work and was soon removing the oil pump...
  7. DeanMG

    Any Cam Chain fixers near Chesham?

    Hi all, New member and first post... I bought a Vectra B 2.2 on 81k miles last month without being aware of the timing chain issue and guess what...! It hasn't snapped yet, but is rattling on start-up now (chain cover also leaking), and has the "old" tensioner fitted. Just wondered if there's...
  8. chizo82

    FAI Timing / Balance Chains

    Hi All, I'm looking to replace my Timing and Balance chains soon. I know i should really got for GM parts, but has anybody had any issues with the FAI kits available for purchase on here? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated... Cheers
  9. F

    Tensioner - how stuff works

    Discussions in the "z20net tensioner for z22se engines" topic of this forum show that there would be a need to know how both tensioners work in order to be able to judge which one is better. Let me present here my attempt to make such a z22se tensioner description. I am promised by vocky to...
  10. Matt

    PVS 2013 ***FAI Timing Chain Kit Sale***

    I've got 1 FAI Timing Chain kit left from my initial order. http://z22se.co.uk/shop/timing-chain-kits/fai-z22se-timing-chain-kit-ng If anyone wants this, and wants it from PVS, I'll let you have it for £95, which is a saving of £21.51 on the RRP plus no shipping costs. Like I said, it's...
  11. Declaration

    Z22YH Sitting on a financial time bomb

    Hi guys recently bought a veccy that drives great and i am really really happy with it, no rattles or knocking noises coming from engine. However I dont know if the chain has been replaced! it has FSH but it looks like it only got and oil and filter over the last 4 yrs at 2yrs intervals, there...
  12. Matt

    Reference Documentation Snapped Timing Chain

    Matt submitted a new resource: Snapped Timing Chain (version 1.0) - Snapped Timing Chain Field Remedy Read more about this resource...
  13. Matt

    Reference Documentation Ecotec Timing Chain

    Matt submitted a new resource: Ecotec Timing Chain (version 1.0) - Reference Document for Ecotec Timing Chain Read more about this resource...
  14. E

    Chains Replaced But Engine Still Noisy

    Hello guys, My car is Vectra 2.2 Elite Direct Auto, year 2006 with 50K miles. I was having a slight rattle on cold start, the engine seemed a bit noisy on idle (seems fine when running) and rough gear changes, so after reading lots about it, everything pointed towards timing chain. So after...
  15. Matt

    Sold FAI Timing Chain Kit & FAI Balance Chain Kit 10% Discount

    For a limited time, we are offering the FAI Timing Chain and Balance Chain kit with a 10% discount. Z22SE Timing Chain RRP £116.51 Offer Price £104.86 http://z22se.co.uk/shop/timing-chain-kits/fai-z22se-timing-chain-kit-ng Balance Chain Kit RRP £67.82 Offer Price £61.40...
  16. Busta


    hi there can anyone advise do the timing cover gaskets come as part of the chain kits or are they a separate purchase? regards markl
  17. Gazza

    Chain fitting

    Hi all Well after a few years really out of a 2.2 I'm lookin to buy another hatch if I can find a decent one with low ish miles ? Was just wondering if anyone offers new chain fitting still and if so what's the going price so I can factor this in when looking
  18. Mark Dj

    How 2 fit cam chains

    It's time to do my cam chain and balance shaft chain 63.. . Do I just swap bits over at a time as I grab then from the kit I have? First things first. I need to set my timing up before I start and work, then I need to know how the old chain comes off notsure.gif . Do I need to remove the spark...
  19. G

    cam chain timing marks

    hello ive fitted a cam chain kit to my vectra z22se today,when i fitted it i turned the engine over a few times by hand to make sure that every thing was ok.what i cant seem to get my head around is that i cant seem to get the links on the camshaft pulleys/crank shaft puley to line up...
  20. vocky

    Vectra C Z22yh Chains - 72k Rattle

    My friend asked me to listen to his 2006 facelift vectra C engine the other day, he said it rattled when cold and had a slight hesitation at 2000rpm. Mileage was in the dreaded vectra C z22yh 72k range (like the z22se used to rattle at 42k) He bought a pair of genuine chains and I fitted...