1. evocarlos

    Project Freeze My engine Off (SAAB B207R Supercharged)

    so heres the start to the new engine build :) received a BNIB saab B207R to build up for my car some pics :) this may take some time need to save up for the bits to go inside :)
  2. vocky

    Saab engine build

    Neo Brothers have many brand new Saab B207 engines for sale, there is a group buy for these engines on site for £714 :eek: I decided to buy one and quickly stripped it down :D
  3. MikeS

    saab inlet manifold ... 286.c0.m14 wonder if anyone knows if these will fit the 2.2 engine look similiar in terms of where the ecu goes and how the fuel rail bolts on
  4. L

    Any advantages of using a cast iron inlet from a Saab?

    Hi guys Ive come across a cast iron saab inlet manifold for the z22se and was just wondering if there are any advantages to using this over the standard plastic one? Are flow rates/air flow the same or better etc? Thanks