Front end repair possible?

    Hi guys, someone just ran into me and insurance have said its a write off needs a new rad, headlight light, fog light, fan belt and I think its a cross member? That holds the bumper in place. Think its worth it? I'll be doing the work myself. And getting bits from scrappy. Thanks guys

    RUST removal project

    Hi all was thinking of a wee project to do in the summer. i intend to remove the rust from underneath my veccy with hand tools eg wire brushes and a drill attachment and either paint or spray some kind of rust inhibitor/weather seal. Has anyone here had a go at this type of project?, anyone used...
  3. Matt

    Basic Scratch Repair

    There is a massive chunk of paint missing from the front bumper, so finally got round to ordering a touch up kit from The Kit: 1st Fill: I've done another fill, and also a bit of wet sanding to try and level it out. I'll try and grab another picture later on...
  4. Matt

    Das-6 Fixed

    Set about fixing the DA just now. Nice and easy, just needed to remove 8" of wire from the top, and re-connect it all up again as one of the wires was broken inside the plastic due to the angle of use. and the offending section of cable