1. jnaisby

    Z22SE help needed after Cat Cams - Electric water pump install with other mods

    davies craig ewp115 water pump Cat cams (ultra fast) 259° 10.75mm (4603113 sport) Balance shaft chain removed Z22YH pistons & rods 12 compression pistons Port & polish head head Dblias intake & exhaust Cobra exhaust Lightened & balanced flywheel Sport clutch also has LPG installed and gearbox...
  2. PowR Remap

    Christmas Remap Special Offer!!!

    We are doing a special offer on remaps during the Christmas period. All remaps are £150 if you come to our location, fees apply for us to travel. Remaps must be booked and fitted between 1st December 2014 and 1st January 2015.
  3. PowR Remap

    2007 Vauxhall Vivaro 2.0 CDTI Remapped

    Remapped Vauxhall Vivaro 2.0 CDTI 115Bhp > 158Bhp | 177 lb/ft > 292 lb/ft torque No piccy as it was dark and it was quite dirty. Main reason for this remap is for the increase in fuel economy.
  4. PowR Remap

    2005 Honda CRV-V 2.2 CTDi Remapped

    Remapped a Honda CRV-V 2.2 CTDi 138Bhp > 193Bhp | 251 lb/ft > 292 lb/ft torque
  5. PowR Remap

    2001 Audi TT 180 Quattro Remapped

    Remapped a Audi TT 180 Quattro 180Bhp > 210Bhp | 173 lb/ft > 217 lb/ft torque
  6. PowR Remap

    Group Buy - Remap Midlands

    Hello All, I am thinking of starting a regular group buy for remaps, placed around different regions. First off I am going to start with the Midlands. The location I have chosen is a motorway service station just off the M1 J23a & J24, close to Donnington Park Map Linky Here If someone has a...
  7. PowR Remap

    PowR Remap has arrived!

    Just letting people know that my new business venture is up and pretty much running, bar finishing the website and sorting a phone ( I can use my personal one for time being ) I am a dealer for a well known remapping specialist, so I can offer reliable and tested maps for pretty much anything...
  8. Tubbe

    Stage1 remaps

    Hi! Does anyone have any experience about the dbilas or eds stage1 remap for the z22se? I would like to have the basic stage1 remap so i think it's either eds or dbilas. I'm thinking that if the stock map works well with my mods the stage1 remap can't be worse than stock one? Mods: Pipercams...