1. K

    Z22SE Insane oil usage

    Hey guys, I had just located a different problem now I'm on to the next. Normally I don't have long drives but this week I drove 350km and 350km back, (like 7/8 hour drive total) all this cost me 3.5 litres of oil. And no oil puddles underneath the car. I already replaced the headgasket, the...
  2. N19JDK

    Z22SE Oil hell again

    Hello first of all I am new to the forums! This is my 4 vauxhall this year 1. Astra van 2lt DTI (chain snap 230k) 2. Astra van 1.7lt izzue engine (fuel pump fail 101k) 2. Astra bertone 1.6lt (to slow) 4. Astra Bertone 2.2 (oil is a myth) So I brought this car one month ago, it had been stud...
  3. richard165

    Low engine oil affect chain?

    Hey I was on return trip from airport on motorway and 'check engine oil level' was shown on info display. Pulled off m way and warning went off. Got home and it was about 600ml low. Will this have caused any wear or damage? No wierd noises by the way Thanks
  4. richard165

    Z22SE HELP! Cold start noise

    Hello, need some advice I fitted new balance chain, timing chain kit I have removed z20net tensioner and rechecked activation and is fine so put it back in fully active. Brand New oil filter and 10w40 magnatec oil. On cold start it makes this paranoia inducing sound...just for a second I...
  5. N

    Oil usage.

    The sri150 engine Z22se of course, is a good engine but does it normally drink so much oil? i mean its filled up and i do a 400 mile trip its empty...My currant mileage is 92k and i have had the car since sept 2002(purchased 3 months old), the engine was rebuilt at 48k due to the recall i knew...
  6. E

    Z22SE Gearbox oil

    Evening gents, i have a question. My gearbox on astra g coupe 2.2 is a little noise when in neutral with clutch out. My mechanic had a look at it today and explained what might be wrong. Long story short, im just going to add an additive to quiet it down, but want to make sure its got enough oil...
  7. Matt

    M32 Gearbox Oil Change

    Changed the oil on my gearbox again today. It was last changed 18 months ago DSC_5663 by Matt Worthington, on Flickr DSC_5664 by Matt Worthington, on Flickr DSC_5665 by Matt Worthington, on Flickr Fill level on the front of the box DSC_5666 by Matt Worthington, on Flickr Drain on the...
  8. ben8719

    Z22SE Noisy engine

    My engine has started to make a bit of noise but im not sure if its normal or not. Ive put a video of it. Sorry if its bad sounding my phone is s**t. If anyone has any ideas of what it could be it would be much appreciated.
  9. evocarlos

    Z22SE oil gallery plugs/oil pressure sender

    im looking to fit an oil pressure sender wanted to know the size thread and pitch for the oil galley plugs so i can get an adapter then just bolt in to the block unless theres a better place to fit ? there was a little concern the oil pressure was low after balancer shaft removal but i think...
  10. Daz

    Engine / Transmission Oil Change

    Daz submitted a new resource: Oil Change (version 1.0) - Oil Change Read more about this resource...
  11. Matt

    Reference Documentation Wrong oil level indication on oil dipstick

    Matt submitted a new resource: Wrong oil level indication on oil dipstick (version 1.0) - Field Remedy: 1620 Wrong oil level indication on oil dipstick Read more about this resource...
  12. Matt

    Engine / Transmission M32 Oil Change

    Matt submitted a new resource: M32 Oil Change (version 1.0) - Change oil in M32 Gearbox Read more about this resource...
  13. I

    crank oil seal leak and wobbly pulley

    Hi folks. I have a vectra b 2.2Sri 02' Ok i have oil coming from my front crank oil seal,hitting the pulley and going everywhere! on finding this leak i also noticed the pulley has a big wobble in it,is this caused by the seal being goosed or is it more severe,like balancing chain etc being on...
  14. oilman

    Cold Weather Gear Changes

    Hi all, Around this time of year we get quite a few questions about experiencing difficult gearshifts in cold weather, so we thought you might find this useful. Using the incorrect viscosity gear oil in your car can make gear changes very difficult when the gearbox, and oil are cold. This is...
  15. G

    Oil sump tray

    I need to replace 3 bolts on my sump tray. Just trying to figure which I need and I want to double check I am right. From the below is it just 3xM8x75?? Language: ECAT24.COM Spare parts for cars of Opel. Catalog / Opel / SIGNUM / ENGINE AND CLUTCH / Z22YH[LCH] PETROL ENGINE / Parts of...
  16. F

    Tappets and cams??

    Hi after changing valves, engine gaskets and cam/balance chains I started the car and tappets seemed noisier than before. When the engine warms up there was also a squeak. I took the cam cover off and it seems there is no oil feeding the cams. Could there be a blockage and where is best to...
  17. steve l

    new oil stem seals.

    Im going to attempt to change my oil stem seals. can anyone tell me what parts i will need to replace when doing this ie new Chain and so on. ????
  18. evocarlos

    Advice On Brake And Gearbox Fluid Change Astra G

    hey guys as i have never really done a brake or gear oil change in my car just wondered if there's any thing i should watch out for with ether tasks i picked up a vacuum tester to help with bleeding the brakes and clutch and some 5.1 brake fluid and from what i've read 2.35l of oil for the...
  19. steve l

    manual or how to to replace oil seals

    Does anyone have a manual on how to strip the engine to replace oil seals. thanks
  20. admiral

    Oil Catch Can

    would a catch can reduce the amount of condensation i am getting in my engine?