1. Matt's Astra SXI

    Matt's Astra SXI

    2006 Astra SXI
  2. flatbeat

    Total closure

    Can anyone tell me if there is a how2 On doing the total closure mod on an Astra coupe it's the one that uses the ford relay Thanks
  3. S

    SRi to GSi

    from a standard sri to a full gsi replica inside and outside heres some info and pics Exterior: gsi front bumper gsi rear bumper gsi side skirts gsi snowflake alloys gsi headlights gsi spoiler gsi tail lights team heko wind deflectors xenon bulbs carbon "V" grille with mk6 griffin badge...
  4. 5M1THY

    2.2 Astra van (Supercharged)

    Hi I'm new here but i thought id share this with you :-) I got home from work and started work on changing the n/s inner cv boot and unveiled a whole load of problems. Firstly the shaft was completely welded in the hub so i decided to take the hub and shaft off together and separate them at...
  5. PowR Remap

    Astra G Exterior Trim Moulding Clamp - 93177895

    Item 2 on image. To fix the front and rear trim mouldings to the body. Part #: 93177895 - Astra G Coupe/Convertible only. Cost £2.18ea
  6. PowR Remap

    Astra G Brake Duct Front Spoiler

    In pic #10 - 9201444 - EXTENSION,FRONT END PANEL,SPOILER,RH - £67.00 In pic #11 - 9201443 -EXTENSION,FRONT END PANEL,SPOILER,LH - £67.00 In pic #12 - 9201448 - AIR DUCT,BRAKE,FRONT,RH (OPC) - £32.50 In pic #13 - 9201447 - AIR DUCT,BRAKE,FRONT,LH (OPC) - £32.50
  7. PowR Remap

    Astra G Boot Lid Emblem - 90543889

    For: Astra G Coupe, Convertible & Saloon only P/N: 90543889 Price: £14.70
  8. PowR Remap

    For Sale Astra G Front Ball Joints

    I have some new front ball joints for Astra G MK4, can be used on any model. Still sealed in original bags. Pair for £13.15 posted. Si
  9. PowR Remap

    Astra G Z22SE Part Number - Airbox Rubber Mountings

    As attached pic. I need the part code for item A the plastic mounting with the rubber mounts inside. Also need the part number for the rubber mounting that item A slots into. I cannot for my life find them on my EPC!! Driving me nuts. Thanks all. Si
  10. Spoiler


    Prepping the spoiler Painted and fitted