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  1. Matt

    How To Guide Watch A Forum

    XenForo 1.2 introduces a new feature enabling you to watch a specific forum for new Threads or Replies To do this, click the Watch Forum list at the top of the forum This will open the following pop-up allowing you to select what you want to watch for, and how you want to receive the...
  2. Matt

    How To Media Gallery

    This guide will help you navigate your way though, and add your own media to our new Media Gallery The Media Gallery can be accessed via the Media tab at the very top of the forum Once in the Media Gallery, you will be on the initial landing page, which shows you the 8 most recent items...
  3. Matt

    How To Garage

    Adding your vehicle to our garage is pretty straight forward. Start by going to the garage section: You will see on the landing page, the Create Item button. Click that. You will then need to choose a category, based on your vehicle model The next...
  4. Matt

    How To Resources

    Coming Soon!
  5. Matt

    How To Delete Own Account

    You are now able to delete your own account if you no longer wish to be a member of the site. Hopefully you won't want to use this, but in the event you do, here is what you need to do. Expand your account details section, or go to your account settings page You will then be shown the...
  6. Mark Dj

    How 2 fit cam chains

    It's time to do my cam chain and balance shaft chain 63.. . Do I just swap bits over at a time as I grab then from the kit I have? First things first. I need to set my timing up before I start and work, then I need to know how the old chain comes off notsure.gif . Do I need to remove the spark...
  7. Matt

    How To Embed SoundCloud

    I've added a modification to embed the SoundCloud HTML 5 player :headphone: To use it, simply paste the full URL of the track into your post; eg: and it will automatically be reparsed into the correct embed link