Front end repair possible?

    Hi guys, someone just ran into me and insurance have said its a write off needs a new rad, headlight light, fog light, fan belt and I think its a cross member? That holds the bumper in place. Think its worth it? I'll be doing the work myself. And getting bits from scrappy. Thanks guys
  2. evocarlos

    astra g Headlight Self Leveling investigation

    ok i started this in my project thread but found it to be a bit over whelming so here it is just the Self Leveling system thread :) pics sender and bracket sender plug above fuel tank bracket fitted to rear beam sender + bracket fitted and plugged in loom from outside to inside under...
  3. M

    Factory Xenon Headlight Conversion.

    Well its the last day of the year, and as it was dry I pulled the Astra out of the garage. I have been planning to do a proper Xenon headlight conversion on the Astra, So I gathered all the parts needed and set to work! Parts Needed A pair of Astra Xenon Headlights D2S HID Kit Indicator...