Flywheel Question

    If possible i'm trying to get some info on a couple of flywheels. I am wondering if this is a dual mass flywheel And i am wondering if this one is a single mass flywheel or if it is for an automatic maybe They are both from an engine with the same code first image is from a 4wd vehicle...
  2. R

    Lightweight flywheel and fast road clutch

    Evening folk, I recently bought a lightweight flywheel and fast road clutch from Courteney sport. I put it in to a local garage to have it all fitted, however, they have just called me to say it's not lining up. Has anyone ever had an issue with this job?
  3. Stu66

    Locking the Crankshaft / Flywheel for Bolt tightening

    Hi All, With an automatic gearbox (Z22SE), what's the best way to ensure no movement of the crankshaft/flywheel (avoiding damage to the Woodruff key) while tightening the crankshaft-pulley bolt? Preventing crankshaft-pulley rotation is easy enough using various good methods mentioned on here...