1. Matt

    How To Guide Linking External Accounts

    We currently have the ability to link our Facebook, Twitter (and Google when I get around to it) accounts to the forum. To do this, drop down the user menu on the right hand side, and select External Accounts You'll then be presented with the following: First, we'll do Facebook...
  2. Matt

    Amy's New Facebook Page

    This is Amy's new Facebook page for her new Crochet venture https://www.facebook.com/minniecrafts.co.uk Only launched it properly today, but it's getting a steady stream of likes from all our friends. If you could take a look, and like it, share it etc, that would be much appreciated. If...
  3. Matt

    Update Social Feeds

    I've re-enabled the social feeds on the forum to see if this helps drive some more interest in the site via twitter/facebook. I'm also running an RSS feed into Facebook and Twitter to automatically post new threads from this section initially to those sites.