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  1. Devour

    Z22SE multiple DTC out of the blue!

    Hey Everyone, I own a 2002 Astra G (MK4) SRI 2.2L (petrol, manual) it's done about 130k and has to date been reliable, changed the EGR valve a year and abit ago and a few cosmetics for a nearly two decade old car. It is my daily driver so i was surprised when one morning the car was sounding a...
  2. P

    more hp z22se vectra question

    hello guys i am brand new to this forum a guy recommended me to join here for my z22se questions so thanks for the membership :D I've recently got a vectra c 2.2 z22se i want more power out of it its boring since im used to drive an old bmw e32 750 with 450+ so i need a bit more out of this one...