1. fuzilla

    Astra 2.2 Cooling fan problem

    Hey guys! I've noticed that my Astra 2002 Z22SE engines cooling fan doesn't work. So far I've replaced the cooling fan, both heater resistors on the fan, the control unit behind bumper for AC and cooling fan and it still won't work. Also tried taking off the plug from temperature sensor, which...
  2. C

    Astra Bertone Coupe Front Windshield

    I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I need help regarding the front windshield for my 2001 Astra Bertone Coupe 2.2. In a failed robbery/ hijack some thugs threw some object that cracked the front windscreen of my car on the passenger side. I bought this car 5 years ago as used...
  3. Matt's Astra SXI

    Matt's Astra SXI

    2006 Astra SXI
  4. pottsey

    im in a new car

    well after 6.5 yrs of Vectra ownership its now in the scrapyard in the sky been and picked this up earlier astra coupe turbo in carbon black 82k miles 8 months tax 3.5 months tax ,paintwork needs a bit of tlc ,it has a miltek decat on it and a astra vxr cat ??? other than its standard ,runs very...
  5. Mark Dj

    My Astra VXR Arctic Edition

    Not long had my Astra VXR Arctic Edition. Loving the car so far. 16K on the clock, few minor issues that are getting sorted out soon. My car came with Sat Nav, Parking sensors, Full leather seats. Mods I have done so far are Pre Cat pipe and Forge recirculation valve. I am still getting a funny...
  6. Marty64

    Marty from France : New Astra G Z22SE Bertone Convertible

    Hi Guys ! ;) I'm Marty 34' from France :) I was looking for a convertible "young timer" car and particulary a BMW 325ci E30. And by browsing web sites, i discovered the Opel Astra G Cab : Waouw (y)! What a nice car ! Falling in love and decided buy one !! lol :sneaky: Soo, i found my astra G...
  7. flatbeat

    Total closure

    Can anyone tell me if there is a how2 On doing the total closure mod on an Astra coupe it's the one that uses the ford relay Thanks
  8. Fuzis

    Astra Coupe from Lithuania(Fuzis)

    Greetings from Lithuania! First some history: After for first time i saw fast and furious movie i became a coupe fan, always wanted a 1995 Civic coupe, then my brother got that civic and from that i said to myself that my first car will be coupe, so here it is My Astra is made in 2003, Linea...
  9. Fuzis

    Greetings from Lithuania!

    Hello Z22SE club members, I'm Mantas, 19 years old and I own Opel Astra Coupe. Also it is worth to mention that I'm from Lithuania. First some history: After for first time i was fast and furious movie i became a coupe fan, always wanted a 1995 Civic coupe, then my brother got that civic and...
  10. A

    Wanted astra trim panel

    hi looking for the trim panel for the TC and heated seats 3 hole in black if anyone has one for sale could they PM with a price and shipping to Ireland in desperate need of this as some one broke into my car just to rob this panel.
  11. Matt

    Knock from Front End

    Over the past couple of days, I've noticed a knock which can be felt through the brake pedal just as the car comes to a halt. It doesn't do it all the time, and doesn't do it when slowing from speed, only when coming to a stop from a already slow speed. Can't figure which side either, but you...
  12. AlexYW

    MFD Missing Lines Fix?

    So I've heard theres a way of fixing this, but can't find any info on it? Anyone know how? Thanks!
  13. z22.cariad

    Car pics

    Not as shiny as I'd like but got some products on the way
  14. Matt

    For Sale Astra VXR Mats For Sale

    I'm selling the mats from my VXR, as they have been sat in the shed since I fitted the Irmscher ones. No Reserve on eBay
  15. pottsey

    his and hers nocturno vauxhalls

  16. S

    Astra g rear opel badge

    Done a few searches for 1 of these and the cheapest i found was £16, are they really being sold for that? I cant justify spending that much on a bit of plastic. Anyone know where i can get one cheaper? Or anybody got a spare one?
  17. Sjdickso

    Roof bars / Rails

    looking at getting some for the Astra for additional space while doing a tiny bit of traveling. Just missed a set on ebay last night, anyone know if the MK5 fits the MK4 with the genuine ones? Are they easy to fit?
  18. sdbutler10

    888 Had a problem, Now It Fixed And Far Better

    Well a few weeks ago the car started to smoke after a few seconds after being on idle, so the obvious valve stem oil seals where shot. So i went about to change them but after removing the air box i found this under it hiding away so me being me i could not hack that and decided it needed to...
  19. S

    What colour should i paint my car?

    Going to be booking my car in for a full respray in the next few weeks, i cant decide what colour so thought i would see what you guys think. (y)
  20. Matt

    GSI Seat Fitment

    Went round to Si's today to help fit his new GSI interior. The seats are in very good condition. Removing the front seats was nice and straight forward, but we had a real mare with the last bolt holding the centre seatbelt and buckle in place. The T50 bit rounded off the bolt, and we spent...