1. Matt

    Announcement Best Posts

    I've just installed a new add-on which shows the "Best Posts" on the forum, and on a per thread basis, using the number of likes or positive ratings each post has received. "In a nutshell, Best Posts makes your forum useful to a wider audience by making your best content more easily...
  2. Matt

    Update Featured Threads

    I've installed a new add-on which allows me to "Feature" threads on the forum home and thread view. I've currently featured a couple of popular threads. If you think you have a good thread, which you would like to have featured, please let me know, and I'll consider it.
  3. Matt

    Update Garage Updated

    Currently testing the new Beta release of Showcase (the add-on I've turned into our Garage). Some really cool new features are coming with the new version (y)
  4. Matt

    Media Gallery

    I've purchased and installed new Media Gallery Add-On for the site. This is much better than just having loads of images in threads: I've built the current list of categories, and will be re-adding the media for the events into there over the next couple of days...
  5. Matt

    Conversation Essentials

    I've just purchased and installed another add-on for the site. This time, it's for the Conversation side of the site. Here is the current feature list: Feature List: No branding copyright text. No need to pay extra for a “branding free” version. Easily see conversation participants...
  6. Matt

    Resource Manager

    XenForo is going to be releasing their Resource Manager official add-on on the 26th March. I'll be purchasing a copy for use on here. Basically, I will be migrating all the how-to guides into there, and it will also allow you all to create your own resources / how-to guides in a proper...
  7. Matt

    Suggestion Stock Trader Game

    A forum I use has got this modification installed, and it's pretty damn sweet! Basically, you get virtual money for doing certain actions on the forum (posts, likes, attachments etc), which you can then use to buy and sell virtual...