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  1. vocky

    Engine oil cooler

    that got sold to a guy in Europe
  2. vocky

    Hello from Poole

    Hello and welcome to the site :) pattern coilpacks are never a good idea on the z22se engine, the genuine part has ION sensing and some pattern items don't. ION sensing is used as a sort of cam position sensor, so the ECU knows when to fire the correct spark plug
  3. vocky

    Astra ‘07, 2.2L, 6 speed manual. Z22YH. I have NO idea about cars!

    the high pressure fuel pump is a common problem on the z22yh, difficult to test without the correct equipment.
  4. vocky

    Z22SE For one year now I can't still make my car run smoothly

    the inlet manifolds do tend to fill up with oil after many miles, it is caused by the PCV system.
  5. vocky

    Z22SE Found this above Cylinder 4 on Intake Valve

    looks like a piece of an airbox or something, quite strange how it's got there
  6. vocky

    For Sale A few z22se parts

    I have a few z22se engine parts available; 1 x used vx220 oil coolers - £35 1 x used vx220/z22se oil cooler filter adaptor, includes divert assembly, no 'O' ring seals - sold 1 x new B207 crank pulley - £25 1 x new z22se crank pulley - £25 1 x used balancer delete idler gears, comes with new...
  7. vocky

    Z22SE What other injectors could I use?

    they will overfuel and the engine will struggle to even run Even Saab B207 injectors are too big, but you might get away with some from the 175bhp engine
  8. vocky

    Z20net inlet on Z22se

    NA tuning is expensive, SC is the way to go
  9. vocky

    fixing the 2nd insignia 2.0t 4x4

    you will need a VCI for the lights, I've had to get a couple for my astra VXR - one for the Navi 950 retrofit and another for the Infinity sound system retrofit I would speak to Rusty on vxoc site He has done loads of programming for me - Navi950, OEM...
  10. vocky

    Vauxhall Zafira 2.2 Direct Timing Chain Advice Needed

    not really likely to be the oil pump, more likely to be a failed tensioner
  11. vocky

    Vauxhall Zafira 2.2 Direct Timing Chain Advice Needed

    genuine chain kits are on ebay for £250 the pair, dealer price is more than double that, someone local should be able to help fit them I have a brand new oil pump if you cannot locate one, £200 including postage £750 is about the max you should be paying for all the work, including parts...
  12. vocky

    Lightened pulleys

    I had to replace a crank on someone elses engine, my own engine required new bearings and I had the crank journals polished too The reason mine suffered less damage was because I caught it in time - I was fitting another crank trigger wheel and noticed the crank pulley was cracked Vibration...
  13. vocky

    Programming a new key chip Help!

    no truth at all, every key needs programming otherwise the cars would be easy to steal !
  14. vocky

    Wanted 4.17 Gearbox wanted

    they are getting harder to locate, currently none on ebay
  15. vocky

    Programming a new key chip Help!

    it needs programming with opcom or tech 2 the barrel can be broken apart and removed, just take your time
  16. vocky

    Radiator hose internal diameter

    32mm I think
  17. vocky

    Cylinder head cracked around spark no.4

    there are 'casting' marks at the bottom of the spark plug hole, which can be confused with cracks. When the head cracks it leaks striaght away, the alloy is so thin that it cracks striaght through.
  18. vocky

    Hello from Holland

    Hello and welcome to the site :) I have those seats in my own astra :D
  19. vocky

    Hello there From Spain

    Hello and welcome to the site :)
  20. vocky

    Lightened pulleys

    my advice would be to never fit an alloy crank pulley, it will eventually fail and cause damage to your engine.