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  1. Drakey

    Android App download...

    ....Hi all, it`s been a while since I`ve posted on the site but can usually rely on a great response no matter what the issue. I`ve taken the jump and binned the iPhone - I opted for the Note which I`m over the moon with. BUT.....Android Apps, I`m using Google Play and if I download a...
  2. Drakey

    O/P from laptop USB

    .....what is it if anyone knows please. Just received an i-copter (helicopter controlled via my iPhone/iPad - It came with leads to charge via computer USB but the computers not always on. Would using my iPhone charger harm the kit in anyway? It states 5.1v @ 2.1A (10W power adapter) Is this...
  3. Drakey

    Tablet question.

    Hi all, In the process of looking at a 7" tablet for Courtney (nearly 7yrs old) for Christmas. She love using the iPad but under carefull watch, and is getting quite a clever bugger around the laptop. I want to get her a tablet for movies, music etc and I know she`ll be able to download...
  4. Drakey

    Neglected Lotus!

    Obviously more money than sense..... ... p?t=238611 A proper mess!!!!!
  5. Drakey

    Met Poundy @ Courtenay Sport.

    In response to Pauls earlier post about his 200 odd mile trip to Courtenays, I took the 5 mile journey South and met up with him. Firstly, it was great to meet him and his wife, always nice to put a face to a forum name, and secondly it was lovely seeing the car in the flesh. So clean for its...
  6. Drakey

    Happy Birthday Johnny...

    ....hope you have a great day mate. cheers..
  7. Drakey

    Partial re-spray....

    ....has anyone had one. Making use of my warranty and they've said yes :wtf: The lower sill protrudes at the rear of my doors and has been heavily hit by stones and has started to rust!! They said when they had a look at it they'll do halfway along the sill, to the rear and the rear quarters...
  8. Drakey

    Transfer - hard drives on laptop

    The Laptops starting to go slloooooowwwww. Heres what I think will maybe help dunno.. :D ..a picture paints a thousand words etc What can and can`t I transfer to the E drive to free up the C drive. (are there any limitations - I don`t want to move anything and it not find it stopping it...
  9. Drakey

    Tax with no insurance?

    I have Kierans Punto in my rented garage while my pride and joy sits outside rotting in this great weather we get and I want to have it back. I'm willing to tax it for him but on line it requires an insurance option ticking but that's his problem and ain't gonna happen!!!!!! Is it really...
  10. Drakey

    Taxistops suicide attempt!!! ... -life.html Just seen on the news, bonkers !!!!!
  11. Drakey


    Just seen this in the new TopGear mag so had a quick Google..... drool.gif
  12. Drakey

    Happy Birthday Mike...

    Hope you have a great day fella.
  13. Drakey

    Where's my recycling bin live?

    I'm running Vista and it's not on my desktop. Must of deleted rather than empty it!!! Where does it live so I can grab a shortcut to it pleeezzzze !?!?!?
  14. Drakey

    AVI to DVD...for free???

    Hi all, just been on guard for a week at work and managed to get every Disney movie and a few others off a mate on to my hard drive. Rather than have my Daughter nab the laptop I want to put them on to DVDs for her. I`ve an old version of Nero which says its incompatable and I`ve just downloaded...
  15. Drakey

    Stepsons 1st car

    Firstly sorry, as it`s a Fiat but we weren`t in a financial situation to be to fussy. (would have liked an old Corsa!!) A little Punto S 1.2, got it off a lady who`s husband used it to drive to work (same base as me!!) but was going on a 4 month detachment and wanted rid rather than letting it...
  16. Drakey

    Happy 30th Bluey

    It`s great having this on the forum, I don`t have to send you a card now..........Happy Birthday ye `ol git. :upyours:
  17. Drakey

    Happy Birthday Titan

    3 on the same day!!!!! Hope you have a great day.
  18. Drakey

    Happy Birthday Ecky

    Hope you have a good un Lee
  19. Drakey

    Happy Birthday Matt

    Hope you have a great day Mathew.
  20. Drakey

    Halfords Trade Card...

    Finally went in and got one today using my Forces ID card, my brother has been getting on to me for ages as he has one for work (British Airways tech), the savings on tools in awsome and general car parts have a good discount too. Can't say I'll use it much but when the time comes I could stand...
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